The One Where We Introduced Ourselves

February 1, 2021

Auntie Chronicles- The one where we introduced ourselves



Welcome to Auntie Vibes, and our a bi-weekly edition of “The Auntie Chronicles”.  A blog written by three wolf clan sisters working, living and raising kids on the rez. We will detail the triumphs, tribulations and resilience of our children and families. Some weeks will be vents, others may be the current events of our great homeland of Akwesasne. We will try to be all inclusive as we chronicle the day in the life of our crazy, loving rez. We will start out by introducing our selves.

The oldest of the sisters is Cheyenne, a single mother of a 15 and 12-year-old.  She may be a single mom but fair warning she comes with a Fed Sentence(so watch out). She works two jobs as well as running her own business. Cheyenne is the seamstress and makes all our ribbon skirts and specialty merch. Her love for fashion and color keeps her skirts unique and trending.

The Middle child Shania, a mom of two kiddos, ages 6 and 3. A fulltime childcare teacher and an aspiring beader. Her style is a little bit of everything, from raised beaded flowers to peyote stitched necklaces. Who love’s putting different colors together and bringing pieces to life with fun edging, faux fur, and gems.

Finally, the best one of them all Shawnee, the bay bay. She has a fulltime job taking care of our elders. Shawnee learned how to bead from her grandmother. She makes the fringe earrings, beaded hats and shoes. Has no kids, just an auntie to many little turds.

Join us as we navigate the world of entrepreneurship and the global pandemic.